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Maximize Your Narrow Block: Custom Home Design Tips in Perth | JFK Custom Homes

As block sizes get smaller and smaller, narrow blocks are becoming more popular, and even the norm in some highly desirable areas of Perth.

Buying a narrow block shouldn’t be seen as a last resort. In fact, a narrow block can really open up a world of possibilities when it comes to designing your own home in Perth.


Here are our top tips for how to get the most out of your narrow block.


Go For 2 Storeys

The obvious choice of home design when it comes to narrow blocks is to build a two storey house. When you don’t have the space to build sideways, you build up instead.

You can effectively double the size of your home when you add a second storey to your home, so if space is important, two storey is the way to go.


Create Lots Of Natural Light

If your block is narrow, chances are the houses around you are built on narrow blocks as well.

If you’re concerned about the home being dark due to its close proximity to your neighbours, look for ways to maximise the natural light.

Design spaces with plenty of windows to let in the sunshine, and choose neutral, light colours for your walls. White works wonders when it comes to brightening up a room or space in your home.


Be Flexible With Your Design

Being open to changes to your house design is key when it comes to getting the most out of your narrow block.

Moving rooms and walls can sometimes be a necessity if you want to create a home that flows well and doesn’t feel like it’s been built on a narrow block.


Opt For Higher Ceilings

Raised ceilings create a sense of space and can make even the smallest of rooms feel more spacious.

High ceilings go well with other accessories like rough ceiling beams or you could even opt for a dramatic ceiling colour to create some contrast in your space.


Keep It Open Plan

We all know that open plan spaces give a real sense of space in a small or narrow home so think less walls and more flow.

Look to create a line of sight potentially from the front of the house all the way through to the rear for a commanding view throughout the house.


Install Large Glass Doors & Windows

One of the best ways to get natural light into your narrow block home is to install large glass doors and windows throughout the home.

Narrow blocks can sometimes mean you’re right next to your neighbours’ homes. And when they’re double storeys, that can mean dark interiors if you don’t plan your lighting well.

Glass windows, doors or even walls can bring so much light into your home and work particularly well along hallways that run along an exterior wall.


Build In Clever Storage

Look for spots that where you can build in clever storage options throughout the home in places that might otherwise end up being dead space.

Adding an attic space in the roof or creating a storage cupboard under the stairs are both simple and affordable ways to create storage space in your home.


Below-Ground Garage

Don’t have the street frontage for a traditional garage?

Consider adding a below-ground garage to your narrow block to ensure you still have somewhere secure to park your cars, but that won’t eat into the floor space of your home.


Ready to build your perfect home on a narrow block in Perth?


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