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Perth Disability Homes

Wanting to offer something more personal that exceeds the NDIS housing standards JFK Custom Homes established Perth Disability Homes (PDH).

Standing out in the Perth disability housing industry by offering unique, custom-designed Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), Perth Disability Homes allows people living with a disability to live with confidence, comfort and convenience, all while in a modern home designed to suit their lifestyle.


The best in NDIS support, smart home automation, SIL providers, construction and support services.


designed to make a difference

Passionate about offering a personal experience we work closely with NDIS clients, their families and support providers to ensure the perfect location and housing style for your needs.



We build in convenient locations and give clients the opportunity and flexibility to customise NDIS-approved floor plans to suit their style and preferences. 


This could include anything from a larger backyard space for fresh produce gardening, dog door installations, feature walls, lifts in double story homes or painting rooms full of natural lighting. 

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Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific needs, taking into account your location, desired features, materials, and finishes.

By doing so, we can ensure that the home we deliver aligns perfectly with your vision and budget, creating a space that is uniquely yours and meets all your expectations.

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Home Automations & Inclusions

Elevating Home Control to New Heights

iPad-Powered Smart Control

All homes come standard with an IPad Pro connected to your personalised automation choices such as lights, TV, doors, aircon, intercom & onsite support staff.


Personal devices can also be programmed to control lights, curtains, blinds, windows, doors, air conditioning, intercoms and personal alarms.


NDIS houses are equipped with emergency backup power and a tablet device.

Enabling Independence and Well-Being

Comprehensive Physical Disability Support

Our homes are equipped with features catering to physical disabilities, including entry ramps, lifts, support/grab rails, sensor/pressure pads, accessible appliances, wide corridors, adapted grips, laundry and washing adaptations, and customised bathing and toileting facilities.

Empowering Accessibility and Comfort

NDIS-Approved Home Design

Our homes feature open-plan living areas with floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, ensuring easy wheelchair access. Designed with solar-passive and environmentally sensitive principles, they boast step-free balconies, 1000mm doorways, 1500mm hallways, and fire sprinklers throughout.

Dedicated Support Through the Night

Overnight Onsite Assistance ‘OOA’

Our carefully assessed Supported Independent Living (SIL) home process ensures qualified support staff are available for overnight onsite assistance. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred support provider.

Tailored Support for Everyday Excellence

Enhancing Lifestyle with Concierge Services

Optimize your lifestyle with our concierge service, enhancing communal area utilisation, as well as grounds and garden management.

Restful Spaces that Prioritise Comfort

Bedroom Solutions

Bedrooms are designed for inclusivity, featuring accessible ensuites, smart-wired programmable curtains and blinds, built-in accessible wardrobes, and provisions for ceiling hoists.

Designing Serenity and Functionality

Accessible Bathrooms for All Needs

Elevate your bathroom experience with accessible toilets, ample storage, fully folding shower screens, purpose-fit yet visually appealing timber-look cabinetry, porcelain tiles, non-slip surfaces, height-adjustable basins, angle-adjustable mirrors, and an additional powder room in each apartment.

Culinary Freedom with Adaptive Spaces

Modern Kitchen Innovations

Our kitchens offer flexibility with appliance layouts, movable island benches, drawer dishwashers, height-adjustable benchtops, induction cooktops, and strategically placed low-mounted wall switches.

Safeguarding Your Tranquil Retreat

Secure Living with Advanced Systems

Integrated security systems encompass locks and emergency call functionalities, reinforced by the convenience of video intercom communication.

Simplifying Life through Spoken Commands

Effortless Voice Control

Experience ultimate convenience with voice control technology that effortlessly manages your living environment.

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NDIS Housing Explained

With 4.3 million Australians currently suffering from a disability, JFK Custom Homes is working together with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to improve the everyday lives of those in need by providing support to people with disability, their families and carers.

Working with all-inclusive disability provider, Perth Disability Homes, we will help guide you through the NDIS process which helps individuals fund their Perth Disability Homes expenses through different packages of funding and financial support, available to eligible people with disability. 

Some people may be eligible for NDIS funding but are transitioning from state-based services.

To be eligible for SDA, participants must have a current NDIS plan. The main forms of SDA housing we offer are High Physical Support and Fully Accessible, however, as a custom NDIS-approved home designer, we can support any level of SDA Design.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) explained


“ You require a high amount of person-to-person assistance and a home that can support sensory and cognitive care needs”

You may benefit from living in a home that features:

  • Specialised lighting design which responds to a sensory stimulus;
  • Living spaces that facilitate line of site support;
  • Design elements that support a range of sensory, physical or cognitive abilities; and
  • Features to enable high levels of person-to-person support as chosen by you.


“You require a high amount of person-to-person assistance and a home that can support physical and mobility care needs”

You may benefit from living in a home that enables:

  • The option of automation of housing features e.g. automated blinds and doors etc;

  • Design elements that cater to physical and mobility support needs – the need for a housing response that supports some level of physical impairment e.g. widen doorway to support wheelchair access, handrails, modified bathroom etc;

  • The option of accessible features such as height adjustable kitchen benchtops and cooking facilities; and

  • High levels of person-to-person support as chosen by you.


“ You require a high amount of person-to-person assistance and a home that is completely accessible with technology solutions that facilitate increased independence”

You may benefit from living in a home that enables:

  • Independence for someone who requires the use of a wheelchair to mobilise;

  • Complete accessibility throughout the home;

  • The inclusion of all features of a Fully Accessible home, 

  • Independence for someone with significant physical and mobility support needs;

  • Installation of a ceiling hoist;

  • High levels of person-to-person support as you choose; and

  • The use of assistive technology for heating and cooling, automation and communication; 


“ You require a high amount of person-to-person assistance and a home that supports behaviours of concern and keeps you and everyone else safe”

You may benefit from living in an SDA home that enables:

  • You to live in an environment built from resilient materials that limit the chances of property damage, for example, re-enforced walls, secure windows, soundproofing, laminated glass;

  • Private, safe areas of the home where your guests or supports can move to, providing you space when you want it; 

  • High levels of person-to-person support as you choose.

  • All Features of an Improved Liveability home.