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7 Factors To Consider When Designing Your New Home

Building your own home is an exciting time. You get to decide exactly what you want in your home and how you want it to look.

But it can also put a lot of pressure on you – to get everything just right.

Here are some key factors to consider when designing your new home to ensure you create the perfect home for your family.

1. Where Will You Build?

Location, location, location – it’s the first thing you need to decide and the location of your block will heavily influence the kind of house you can build.

The size, shape and location of your land will help you to narrow down your options when it comes to your house design.

2. Does Your House Suit The Land?

Think about how your house would look and fit on the land you’ve chosen.

If your block is narrow, you’re probably looking at going for a double storey house design, so your use of space is maximised.

However if your land is on acreage, you’ll have plenty of space for a country style home complete with a wrap-around verandah.

3. Block & House Orientation

Orientation is important no matter what style of house you’ve chosen.

Most owners opt for north facing homes which will give the house the most possible direct sunlight throughout the day. This is particularly desirable in winter when the temperature drops not only outside but inside your house too.

If your location is affected by strong winds, take this into consideration when planning your house’s orientation and how you’ll be using your outdoor space.

4. Current & Future Family Needs

One mistake many people make when designing their home is only planning for current needs.

You might be a young family with 3 kids now, but don’t forget to think about the future. How will the house work when the kids have grown up and moved out? Is there a chance you may have elderly parents come and live with you one day?

If you want to stay in the property long term, make sure you incorporate design features that could be adapted or useful in years to come, not just the short term.

5. Your Ideal Wish List Of Inclusions

Make a wish list of everything you would want in your new home.

Include absolutely anything you can think of. Once you’ve got the list, take a look at which inclusions are doable on your budget and within your design and block constraints.

This way, you’ll know exactly what is achievable and what’s never going to happen. You might want a pool, a fire pit and an entertainment area but if you just don’t have the space for all three, decide which are most important and go for them.

6. What’s Your Budget?

Something people can often overlook is their budget.

It’s easy to get carried away when designing your own home, but if what you’re designing is completely unattainable and unaffordable, there’s no point.

Set your budget (plus a bit of a contingency) from the start and don’t stray too far from it. There can be unexpected costs or changes along the way so you don’t want to blow the budget before the build even starts.

7. Avoid Trends

Trends are trends for a reason – they come, and then they go.

Build a house that will stand the test of time and won’t look dated in 5 or 10 years’ time.

Speak to your home builder about what constitutes a classic design that won’t date easily.

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