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Although it’s a reasonable question, the time it takes to build a new home is not so easy to answer. The short answer is “it depends”.  There are many factors that influence the time to build a home, so it’s essential you understand what’s involved in the build so you can accurately plan ahead.


The consensus amongst building experts is that most Australian houses take between four to 12 months to build; that is, once your land is purchased and all architectural or building plans are in place. If you’re looking at a single story home with a standard design, it can take as little as four to six months. If a well appointed, two-story home is what you’re after, many builders recommend allowing 10 to 12 months.

Sometimes though, the process can be quicker, which usually occurs if you’re working with a volume builder using the “pick a plan” approach. With volume builders, you won’t get a bespoke home, but you can benefit from the economies of scale and look forward to a house built much faster (and cheaper).

If you want a custom-built home on a unique block of land, you’ll have to understand that as everything is created from scratch, you’ll have a longer build time ahead. But no matter what type of home you’re building, assessing the following will help you get a little clearer on the time it will take to build your dream home.
choosing the right block for your build

Land preparation

Is your block of land on a hill or is it flat? Are there trees and bushland that need to be cleared? If you love a block of land but are unsure about the practicalities of building on it, reach out and ask a reputable builder first.

Before any house is built, the land has to be flattened, levelled and stabilised. Build on a sloping or even steep block, and you may have to spend some of the money you’ve saved on preparation. That’s not to say that uneven blocks are a problem though, split-level homes can be a delight and add much interest to the property. Either way, do your homework first.


When it comes to weather, building a house in Australia is nowhere near as hazardous as building in a colder climate like the UK! But the weather is something you certainly have to factor in, even though Perth’s climate is fairly moderate. Nonetheless, anticipate that wet weather or unforeseen climatic circumstances will spot the calendar with unproductive days and take up time. Talk to your builder about this and study the weather patterns carefully before choosing your building time. Good builders will usually be able to work around the weather, to a degree – but no one can work miracles – and predicting the weather is not an exact science!

Building on a narrow or Small Block

Project management

This is where choosing the right builder takes precedent. Choose a reputable, experienced builder who’s organised, process-orientated and communicates well, and you can reassured of a far smoother timeline and reliable deadline. Choose someone just because they’re free to do the job or they’re cheap, and you may find yourself burdened with delays and unnecessary stresses. And, if you have a bridging loan, these delays will not only be a nuisance but downright expensive.

To ensure your project runs on time, find a reputable builder and find out how they work. Communicate your objectives and requirements clearly with them and be sure to take in what they have to say about the realities you face regarding the build, including challenges or timing problems. Also, make sure your prospective builder answers any questions you have. Building a home is a big investment, so it’s essential to find a builder you can communicate with – and rely on.


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