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The Sandy Cape

Farmhouse Meets Coastal Elegance

Drawing on timeless design concepts and a colour palette that embodies ageless elegance, the allure of a pristine white, coastal style home extends to the suburbs where farmhouses dominate the scene. Introducing “The Sandy Cape” by JFK Custom Homes: a single storey home design equally fit for the expansive charm of rural estates and the cosy niches of residential blocks.

From Perth’s coastal edges to the gentle slopes of the Perth hills, The Sandy Cape seamlessly blends the casual serenity of beachside living with the heartwarming aura of a farmhouse.

Venture inside, and be greeted by interiors that resonate with both luxury and homely comfort. The secluded master’s wing reveals a resort-style ensuite, boasting a spacious shower and an elegant freestanding bath. Meanwhile, the generously sized garage perfectly encapsulates style with practicality.

The cutting-edge kitchen, decked with a walk-in pantry and a dedicated scullery, promises culinary experiences that are as delightful as they are efficient. For wine enthusiasts, a bespoke wine storage space offers a sophisticated nod to luxury.

Architectural, The Sandy Cape stands out among other farmhouses with a modern skillion roof, complemented by soaring ceilings, that elegantly extend over the alfresco spaces, mirrored with precision at the home’s front and back.

Adding layers of depth and character to the home’s exterior, wood-panelled features at the entry, exude warmth and charm, in line with the coastal-farmhouse fusion.

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Contemporary Skillion Roof

Setting The Sandy Cape apart from traditional designs, the skillion roof adds a touch of modern architectural elegance. This feature not only elevates the external aesthetics but also allows for soaring interior ceilings, creating an airy and expansive feel inside the home.

Resort-Inspired Master Suite

A haven of luxury, the master's ensuite promises unparalleled relaxation.Boasting a spacious walk-in shower and a chic freestanding bath, it's a space where everyday feels like a spa day, encapsulating both opulence and comfort.

Coastal White Appeal

The allure of a white home lies in its timeless elegance and versatility. The benefits are twofold: aesthetically, it elevates the property's curb appeal, and practically, it offers a cooling advantage in sunlit areas. In essence, the white design element champions both beauty and functionality.

The Sandy Cape

Single Storey Farmhouse
Total size: 307.71m²

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From the rolling hills to the tranquil landscapes, Perth’s natural beauty serves as a rich canvas for our farmhouse designs. We understand that farmhouse living is more than just a style; it’s a way of life and our team of skilled designers, and craftsmen collaborate closely with you to ensure that every element of your farmhouse reflects your vision and preferences.


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