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If you’re considering building your next home, finding the perfect location should be top on your priority list. From proximity to family and friends to privacy and comfort, your ideal location will depend on your preferences and requirements.

For many new home builders, rural blocks are becoming much more appealing and in-demand. Offering space, privacy and affordability, building a farmhouse on a rural block opens up a world of possibilities. From expansion opportunities and land size through to cost effectiveness and the enviable rural lifestyle, rural blocks are attracting homeowners across all demographics.

Ditch the urban stressors of traffic jams, high crime rates, crowded apartments, busy streets and noisy roads for the tranquillity and peace of a rural home.



Instead of views of concrete walls or your neighbour’s living room, enjoy open green space and soak in the natural beauty of farmhouse living. By building a farmhouse on a rural block, you’re able to create a design that maximises your 360-degree views of the surrounding area. From mountains in the distance to lakes and rivers close by, a rural block of land helps you create a home separate from the chaos of urban living.

By working with an experienced country farmhouse builder, you can create a rural home design that combines your requirements with the stunning surrounding landscape. Wake up to the sun rising over sloping hills and start your day looking out over the greenery instead of feeling cramped and claustrophobic in a dark city shoebox.



When you’re living in the city, it’s likely that your home is directly neighboured by at least two or three others. If you’re living in an apartment, this number drastically increases. From loud bumps and bangs throughout the day and night to strange smells seeping through windows and across hallways, you can sometimes feel like you’re living amongst chaos.

For farmhouses on rural blocks, you’re blessed with complete privacy. Views into your home are restricted by the size of your land and the reduced number of neighbours around you. Enjoy silence, solitude and calm knowing that your home is private and peaceful.


Expansion Options

With urban blocks, builds are often restricted to cramped and congested spaces with limited access to natural light. This results in jarring designs that leave often bedrooms and bathrooms without windows and proper ventilation. On top of this, you’re completely restricted in any expansion options; meaning that your home can’t change as your household does. If you’re planning on starting a family or having relatives move in with you, this creates a huge problem.

If your home is situated on a rural block, you’ve got plenty of room to expand and create stunning spaces that flow with your rural farmhouse design. From creating separate wings in your home to adding extra living areas, space is never a problem on a rural block.



If you opt for a rural block, you’re almost guaranteed to get more for your money when compared to the inner city. Home buyers have more buying power and are gifted with the chance to secure a block of land that they truly love. Instead of paying into the millions for a small, cramped block of land or old home, you can treat yourself to an expansive rural block or property for much less.


Land Size

One of the biggest perks of farmhouse living is land size. In the suburbs, many homes don’t even have any outdoor space – let alone an entire backyard.

With a rural block of land, the opportunities are endless. If you’d like to plant and grow produce, you’ve got the space. If you want to add a pool or extend your outdoor living area, nothing is holding you back. Plus, rural blocks of land give the kids and pets the space they need to run around and enjoy life as it should be.


Perth’s Experienced Farmhouse Builders

The country lifestyle is quickly growing in appeal for new home builders and for those looking for their next perfect home. Offering space, affordability, privacy and opportunity, rural blocks of land allow you to set yourself up in a close and welcoming community.

If you’re considering building a farmhouse on a rural block of land, chat with the team at JFK Custom Homes. As a team of experienced farmhouse builders, we bring to life innovative farmhouse designs that combine space, tranquillity and luxury.

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