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You might be thinking about moving on from your current home, but really love where you live at the same time. Have you considered a demolish and rebuild instead of moving?

Our team of custom home builders in Perth has come up with just a few reasons why a demolish and rebuild could be perfect for you.


You Love Your Location

Still love the area you live in, but feel like your existing home no longer fits your current needs?

A demolish and rebuild allows you to stay in the same area and create a new custom home that is perfect for your lifestyle and family – both now and in the future.


Start With A Blank Slate

By choosing to demolish your home and rebuild it from scratch, you can start with a completely blank slate.

Design the home you’ve always wanted, instead of trying to renovate and work with your existing home.

Times have changed and house designs are so different to 40, 30, or even 20 years ago. Why feel stuck in your 1980s single story 3 x 2 when you could build a double storey 4 x 2 on the exact same spot?


No Stamp Duty Or Agent Fees

Selling your home and buying a new one comes with a whole host of extra expenses.

Firstly estate agent fees are not cheap, and neither is stamp duty. These could easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Avoid handing over your hard earned cash to someone else – invest it in a brand new luxury home on your existing block instead!


Change Your Home To Suit Your Lifestyle

By demolishing and rebuilding your home, you can change your home to suit your current lifestyle.

Kids moved out and you’ve got 3 empty bedrooms? Why not redesign your space to create areas for your hobbies instead?

Parents moving in with you? You could create a whole separate wing for them with their own bathroom, kitchen and living area.


Improve Energy Efficiency

Older homes were not built to be as energy efficient as new ones. There are, of course, some things you can do to your existing home to make it more energy efficient but it won’t be as effective as building a new home.

By building a brand new home on your existing block, you can make your new custom home as energy efficient as possible, saving you heaps in power bills in the years to come.


Why A Demolish & Rebuild Could Be Perfect For You


Are you thinking about a demolish and rebuild for your existing home? Speak to the team of custom home builders in Perth at JFK Custom Homes.

They’ve designed and built hundreds of homes across Perth for families that have loved their location but not their home.

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