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Building a home is one of the largest investments you may ever make, and deciding on a house design can sometimes feel overwhelming. With so many styles and terms out there, it can be difficult to know the name of the style you like. Distinguishing between similar styles can be a challenge for many homebuilders, even those with experience. Here we explore the homestead, an iconic Australian house design, and look at the related farmhouse design as well.

The Origin of the Homestead

The homestead has its origins in the USA, being established by settlers taking advantage of the Homestead Act, established in 1862. This act is similar to the Dominion Lands Act in Canada around the same time. These settlers claimed a large area of land and built an expansive home where they practised self-sufficient lifestyles. It is this self-sufficiency that defines the homestead as a residential dwelling on an agricultural plot of land, where the tenants grow their own food, and live in relative isolation from surrounding communities, either due to geographic or social reasons.

The homestead differs from the farmhouse in the fact that a farmhouse was typically surround by land that was farmed on a larger scale, as a means of making a living. Any farming undertaken on a homestead was traditionally smaller scale, for subsistence means and featured a variety of crops and some animals. That being said, homesteads and farmhouses are very similar in style, and both tend to be surrounded by additional farming buildings, such as water tanks, wool sheds and sheep or cattle yards.

So what is a Homestead?

While homesteads are defined by the self-sufficient lifestyle of the inhabitants, the actual building can be described and is widely recognised for its characteristic style. A homestead is a classically large single story dwelling, featuring an expansive verandah around the house. They are typically constructed of stone or brick, with timber accents and features.

The home is spacious enough to accommodate a large family, but still maintains an intimate feel in each room. The wide verandah is an iconic feature of the homestead, originally built to keep the house cool. These verandahs can extend around all sides of the house in some instances, taking advantage of natural breezes, and keeping both the sun and rain off the main walls of the house, easing living conditions in what were often harsh environments.

Our Homestead House Designs

JFK Custom Homes understands what it means to build a beautiful and functional homestead for the modern family. Our custom homestead house designs have been adapted from traditional homesteads. We have expanded on the most prominent features to create contemporary home designs that still retain the classic homestead feel. Our homestead designs feature large open areas suitable for growing families, generous verandahs that extend over one or more sides of the home, and more than 10 metres of front garden. These elements come together to create an expertly crafted home up to modern standards, with the feel of the classic rural homestead.

Our attention to detail and expert craftsmanship combine to create a top quality home your family can appreciate for years to come. Contact JFK Custom Homes today for all your questions regarding homesteads and custom home design in Perth.