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See your new home as if you were right there, before it’s even built…

Designing and building your new family home is an exciting time. You want your dream home to be as individual as your family, with all those things you’ve wanted to be ‘just right’. And all this decision-making can be a little overwhelming – especially if you’re only looking at plans on paper. So what if you could ‘virtually’ be there, walking through your home, discovering each room – not just seeing the details, but emotionally reacting to them?  Well, now there’s good news. With our advanced virtual reality 3-D walk-through technology, you can do just that.

All of us conceptualise things differently, with several different learning styles being established by educators over the years. For example, some people are logical learners and like systems and data. But most people prefer more sensory learning methods. For example, auditory people like to hear stories and facts; visual learners prefer visual recognition while tactile learners need to feel or take part in something to ‘get the picture’ so to speak. So if you’re one of the many that need your senses stirred to conceptualise things, you’re going to love our virtual reality walk-throughs.

Your virtual reality tour

From as early as your second consultation with JFK Custom Homes, you’ll get a chance to get up close and personal to your new home before it’s even built. A virtual reality tour allows you not only the chance to see things more clearly and completely immerse yourself in experience, allowing both logic and emotions to do their thing.

Having such an immersive experience, you’ll get a better sense of your home’s dimensions, finishes, and layout and have time to think through all the little details – before your build commences! For example, if you discover that a room that looked fine on paper suddenly feels closed in or deprived of natural light, adjustments can be made to remedy the problem without costly fixes further down the track. A house filled with concrete may seem ultra-cool and just your thing, but maybe you’ll discover that the result is a little ‘colder’ than you’d like.

Video walk-throughs allow you to experience almost everything… How practical is it when you walk through to your alfresco area from the kitchen?  Do you enjoy the cosiness of your lounge room, tucked quietly away from other distractions of the house? How does it feel to be able to see the trees through the windows while lying in the master bedroom? (Pretty good, we’d imagine!) These are all things that can be experienced through a virtual reality walk-through that just can’t happen with an architectural drawing.

Let’s take a quick summary of the benefits:

JFK Custom Homes uses our advanced virtual reality technology for all our customers with all our builds, whether you’re planning on a single storey or double storey family home, a compact home design on an inner-city block or a sprawling homestead property in the hills.

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