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Sometimes, the decision to build either a two-storey or one-storey home is made for us. Maybe it’s the block size, our lifestyle factors or perhaps we simply have an overwhelming emotional desire to build one way or the other. But if you’re undecided, take a look at these influencing factors that will help you decide which home design style is right for you.

Two-storey homes

Land size

energy-efficient-homesWith land prices at a premium, many new smaller blocks are becoming available, at a far more affordable price. This is certainly the case for land near the city or in popular suburbs close to valuable amenities such as schools, shops and public transport. With a two-storey home, you can get the spacious living areas you want on just a small plot.


What could be lovelier than a view of the ocean, neighbouring park, cityscape or a ‘working view’ of nearby rooftops and gardens? Views from the second floor can be priceless, and give you years of endless joy. Keep in mind that if you have a great view, you might want to change your home design to maximise the benefits. For example, a living room may be a better option for a room with great views, with a balcony gaining extra use through entertaining.

Privacy & separation

house-builders-perthHaving two storeys allows for a clear divide in living areas which you may be forever thankful for – particularly if you have a family with teens, regularly entertain guests, or have an elderly relative living with you. If this is you, think about also designing your home with a bedroom and ensuite, or including an adjoining living room, possibly even with a kitchenette.

Double garage

Providing your block is not tiny, it’s likely that going up will enable you to keep a single or double garage. This is a must for many, particularly in inner-city areas where parking – and safety – is a problem.


Some of us simply prefer a double-storey home, while others enjoy the traditional, familiar look of the sprawling single-storey home. The choice is yours. Take a look through our selection of home designs and see which style appeals to you.

Building costs

Build a two-storey home in Perth, and you’re likely to spend 10 to 15% more. But don’t let that put you off. If double storey is what you want, the benefits are likely to outweigh the cost. In fact, build a 2-storey home and you may still be far ahead, financially, if you’ve bought a small block.


Single-storey homes

Child-friendly (and joint-friendly!) homes

If you have a young family, the last thing you want is your tiny precious children falling down the staircase or getting up to mischief will out of eye view. Single-storey homes provide more safety for little ones; you can even design your home with kids viewing areas in mind, such as kitchens looking out over garden play areas, or open-plan living, dining and kitchen areas. If you plan to grow old in your home, steep staircases may not be ideal, so a single-storey home becomes a more welcoming prospect. Single stories are also the ideal choice for those in a wheelchair or with any physical disabilities.

Energy efficiency

Double-storey houses can be like two separate apartments, with separate heating and cooling requirements. Consequently, you sometimes may end up spending more for a two-storey home. (Of course, this is not always the case, and if designed carefully, a two-storey home can be just as energy-efficient.)

Peace and privacy

country-home-builders-perthAlthough not always the case, it’s likely that a single-storey home will provide more of a sense of peace, quiet and privacy. There’s no one walking above you, and as your block size is probably larger, you’ll have more trees and garden surrounding your property.


Many Australians still feel that having a yard is a major part of owning an Aussie home. Otherwise, why not just have an apartment? Garden lovers are likely to get much more satisfaction with a single-storey home as you’re likely to end up with more space on a single-storey home, as these homes are usually built on ‘relatively’ large plots. This gives you the ability to have a garden at the front or back – or both areas – of your home.

Keep in mind that this might not always be the case though. You might have a medium-sized block where building a single-storey high would mean most of the block which be taken up with building space. In this instance, a double-storey home would free up available space for a small garden or lawn.

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