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Subdividing your block of land might seem like a great way to free up some capital from your home, but is it right for you? Here are 5 key things to consider before you subdivide.


Check Your Zoning

Before you do anything, you need to know if you’re even able to subdivide your block of land in the first place, as there are rules and regulations when it comes to subdivision.

This depends on the size of the land and the density code applied to the land, often referred to as the R-Code.

Other factors that can influence whether you are allowed to subdivide your block include any state planning policies, local planning policies, the shape of the block and whether or not an existing home is going to remain or be removed in order to subdivide the land.


Work Out What Land Is Usable

Consider how much of your block is usable, depending on your local planning policies.

Factors that can affect this include the shape of the land and how far away from the boundary any houses or other features like garages, sheds or swimming pools need to be.


Expect The Unexpected

Don’t expect the process to be straightforward. Check if there are any restrictions in place if you do subdivide. The last thing you want is to subdivide and then discover the land isn’t really big enough for another home.


Research The Market

Do extensive research before you put in your subdivision application.

Are smaller blocks and subdivided properties in demand in your area?

Speak to some local estate agents who can tell you if it would be easy to sell your subdivided block. They can also advise you if it would be better to sell the land on its own or to build a property and sell the house and land.


Find The Right Builder

If you’re planning to subdivide your land and build a new home, you need to make sure you have the right builder on your team.

Find a local builder who knows the market and has experience in subdivided blocks and builds. They’ll have a good working knowledge of the legislation and policies around subdivision and building and be an asset to your project.


Thinking about subdividing your block?


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