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Building a new home and can’t decide whether to go for a single or double storey?

Let us help you decide which is right for your luxury home.

Single Storey vs Double Storey: Which Is Right For Your Luxury Home?

Block Size & Shape

The size of your block and its shape can be one of the clearest indicators of whether a single storey or a double storey home would be most suitable.

A narrow, rectangular block is ideal for a double storey home, as you’ll be able to effectively double your floor space if you decide to build up.

If you have a larger block size, a single storey could accommodate your family needs easily, but you could still decide to add another level if you wanted some extra room inside, while still having a good-sized backyard and entertaining area.

Does The Block Slope?

If your block has a slope to it, especially a steep one, double storey, or even triple storey would be an ideal choice.

Building multiple storeys on a sloping block allows you to create a spacious home that works with your block, and means you can create different zones on different levels.

Current & Future Needs

When you’re designing a home, you need to think about its current use as well as your future needs.

If you’ll be living in the house for a long period of time, think about how your family’s needs might change over the coming years.

For a double storey home, you might want to consider adding a family bathroom and a bedroom on the ground floor, so that if you have older relatives come and stay, they don’t have to negotiate your stairs on a daily basis. They could also be useful as you age, as you can then remain in your home for longer and not have the need to move between upstairs and downstairs in your home.


Does your block have amazing views?

Adding a second storey can really make those views extra impressive or give you access to views that a single storey home just couldn’t offer.

House Zones

Want to create specific zones in your home but don’t have the room to do that effectively with a single storey design?

A two-storey home has endless options for zoning your home and creating areas that can be used in a variety of ways over the course of your stay in the home.

You could make the upstairs level a completely rest-related zone by only having bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs.

Or you could create a gorgeous living area upstairs with your living, dining and kitchen area upstairs instead of having it downstairs in a more traditional layout. Adding a balcony area upstairs can also add more living space to take advantage of any views you may have, either at the front or the rear of the property.


Backyard Dreams

How much space do you need or want for your backyard?

Depending on the shape and size of your block, you could end up with a very small backyard if you choose a single storey design.

Building upwards can free up more space for a backyard area, but equally if your block is very narrow, even with a double storey design your backyard could still be small.

Think about what you want in your backyard and make sure you have enough room for it, whether you opt for one or two storeys. Do you want a pool, an alfresco and some grass for the kids and the dog? Are you prepared to compromise on any of these?


Budget is something everyone needs to consider when choosing whether to go for a single storey design or a double storey one.

Generally speaking, double storey designs are more expensive than single storey ones. However, depending on the size of the build and the kind of fixtures and fittings you choose, a double storey design might not be entirely out of your reach.

Speak to our luxury builders in Perth today about whether a single storey or double storey design is right for your build. When it comes to single storey vs double storey, it really does depend on personal choice plus all the factors we’ve just mentioned.

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