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If you’re thinking of buying a house and land package in Perth, you might be trying to work out how to find the right land and the right builder to build your home.

It’s a huge decision to make, and one of the most expensive ones you’ll make during your lifetime, so we understand just how important it is to make the right choice for you and your family.

To help you, we’ve put together 7 questions you need to ask your home builder when buying a house and land package in Perth.

Will My House Design Ideas Work With This Block Of Land?

The first consideration is the kind of house you want to design.

Do you dream of a sweeping driveway to a country style home? Or would you prefer a double storey home with views of the ocean or the city?

The style of your dream home will influence the location, size and shape of the block you end up choosing.

A good custom home builder will be able to find you the perfect house and land package in Perth that works for your dream home and preferred location.

What Kind Of Houses Have You Built Before?

Ask the builder if they’re known for certain style of house, or if they’re experienced in building custom designed homes.

It’s important to know that your chosen builder has experience with the kind of house and type of block you’re looking to buy.

Are You Insured & Licensed?

This is such a crucial question to ask, yet so many people fail to do so.

You need to have peace of mind that the home builder you have chosen is licensed and has all the appropriate insurance. Should anything go wrong during your build, you’ll know you’ll be covered and protected.

What’s Included In The House & Land Package?

Knowing exactly what’s included in your house and land package should be clarified before you sign on the dotted line.

Think about everything – from landscaping and painting, to floor coverings and window dressings. Even down to what kind of appliances are included in the kitchen and how many power points per room you’ll have.

What’s Not Included In The House & Land Package?

Unfortunately, there are some home builders who don’t share all this information upfront and then buyers are disappointed when they realise certain elements weren’t actually included.

Make a list of everything you’re expecting to be covered in the house and land package and make sure the builder spells everything out for you before you decide to go ahead.

How Many Projects Do You Take On At One Time?

Ask the builder how many projects they are working on right now, and what the maximum number of projects is that they take on at one time.

You need to know that they’ll be keeping a close eye on your build at all times, and not dropping any balls because they have too many projects on the go and not enough staff and contractors to go around.

Can You Explain Your Process And Estimated Timelines?

All reputable luxury builders in Perth will be able to easily explain their process when it comes to buying and building with a house and land package.

They should also be able to give you estimated timelines for different milestones during your build.

There should always be some wiggle room granted for building timelines as sometimes there are things out of your control that can affect progress (most notably the weather), but having an idea of when your home will be ready to move into is important for you as a buyer.

Ready to find your perfect house and land package in Perth?

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