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Smart Solutions & Cool Hacks to Keep Your House Cool This Summer


As we head into February and the mercury starts to soar, keeping cool is an issue on almost everyone’s mind. So what do you do? Well, it depends. On a few things. Your style of house, its location, materials and level of insulation will determine the action you should take. Then, there’s the issue of reality, meaning: whether the house is yours to make alterations, there’s money in the bank and your future plans align with your current abode.

Living in a poorly insulated or uninsulated home is arguably copping the ‘short straw’ of Aussie homes – but it’s an issue that you have to deal with. You have three choices:

  1. Deploy some clever and cool hacks (particularly if the house isn’t yours/funds are tight),
  2. Invest in some decent insulation throughout your home,
  3. Rebuild, factoring in essential passive home design elements that help keep your home cool in summer without having to spend a bucketload.


Clever (&) cool hacks

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If you can’t change anything structural to your home, try some clever hacks to keep you cool ’til the heat waves subside.


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Don’t forget your furry/feathered friends

Keep caged animals hydrated and in the shade, and for dogs and cats, add ice cubes to their drinking water, wet their fur, give your dog a paddle pool or spray them with a hose. Or try cooling a ceramic tile in the freezer, then leaving it somewhere cool in the house for small dogs or cats to lie on. Above all, watch closely for signs of heat exhaustion.


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Mid- to long-term fixes


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The ideal ‘cool house’ solution

Sometimes, the house we live in is never going to be cool enough for our scorching hot Aussie summers. And with climate change slowly making temperatures rise, this is an issue we all have to take seriously. So if your house is poorly designed and even significant changes are still going to lead to high energy bills and unhappy living, it may be time to build a new home. Starting afresh will give you the perfect opportunity to factor in appropriate insulated measures, such as building materials, house positioning, airflow, awnings, and much more, which you can read about here.

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