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Bespoke home designs provide you with the power to craft something unique and entirely custom for your family. From including multiple rooms for kids and guests to hobby spaces and retreats for adults, your two-storey home design should reflect your lifestyle.

At JFK Custom Homes, we have over 68 years of combined experience bringing quality home designs to life. Specialising in designing and constructing two-storey homes in Perth, we’ve put together a quick guide on what to consider if you’re thinking of building vertically.


Block and Backyard Size

As blocks are getting smaller and land is becoming more expensive, two-storey homes are on the rise. Compared to traditional single-storey homes, two-storey homes provide valuable additional floor space and the opportunity to increase the size of your backyard – a luxury in expanding suburbs and metropolitan areas.

If you’re thinking of designing a two-storey home, consider the size of the home you want and the size of your potential backyard. Find a happy medium between indoor and outdoor space to design a balanced and functional two-storey home that meets your needs.


Capitalising on Aspects

For blocks of land featuring picturesque landscapes and aspects, building up maximises your views and improves your outlook. Many clients are opting to ditch traditional layouts of ground floor living and kitchen spaces, choosing to place their most frequently used rooms on upper levels to make the most of views.

Consider Your Life Stage

When it comes to building a new home, consider your life stage and what’s to come. For young families, two-storey homes provide a great opportunity to add valuable bedrooms and spaces for growth. For families with older kids, your added space can be transformed into hobby spaces, studies, guest rooms and retreats. Two-storey home designs provide you with functionality, practicality and the versatility of changing each room’s purpose depending on your needs.


Construction Costs

Two-storey homes hardly ever cost twice as much as a single storey house. With foundations and much of the house’s structure already intact, including a second storey only adds around 20-30% to the total cost. Due to premiums on larger blocks of land, clients find that two-storey homes actually come in cheaper than single-storey homes of the same size.


Upkeep and Maintenance

Compared to single-storey houses, two-storey houses often have larger floor plans and additional rooms. This means added upkeep, maintenance and cleaning. Consider whether you’re realistically able to commit to taking care of a larger property and all that comes with it.

For most families, the flexibility and convenience of a two-storey home design far outweighs the upkeep and maintenance required.


Crafting Custom Two-Storey Homes in Perth

Get started on designing your two-storey home in Perth with help from the professionals at JFK Custom Homes. With virtual walkthroughs available, you can dive deep into your two-storey home design to ensure that your build meets your needs.

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