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Building a home can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. With so many decisions to be made, the last thing you need to be doing is chasing up builders and contractors.

In order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable build experience, you need to find a builder who understands your requirements throughout the design and build process. A builder who takes pride in their service, workmanship and communication will help to minimise the stress of building a home – an already daunting task.

If you’re about to embark on a new home build, be sure that you understand the build process and define general timelines and expectations before you get started. By having a clear and open line of communication between you and your builder, you can ensure that you’re always on the same page and can stick to approved schedules.

Don’t get caught out by unexpected costs and lengthy delays on your home build. Here’s our simple guide to making sure that your house builders get the job done on time and within budget.



From managing planning and approvals to permits and inspections, a whole lot of work goes into a home build before any construction even begins. To minimise delays from your end, make sure that all paperwork and contracts have been signed to confirm your ownership of the land and its suitability to build upon. Your builder will help to obtain all required planning, building and developer permits and approvals before works commence.

To ensure that your build is properly prepared and planned for, you need to select an experienced home builder to guide you through the process. Your home builders will take your budget, timeframe, requirements and preferences into consideration to create a home design that ticks all the boxes and meets all industry standards and regulations. You’ll be able to pick out materials and finishes to bring the detailed design elements of your home together. By working with a professional, you’ll be able to get an accurate idea of the overall cost and timeline of your project before it even starts – allowing you to effectively manage your expectations and plan accordingly.

Throughout the pre-construction process, it’s important for you to maintain regular contact with your builder. A good builder will keep you posted with the planning and approvals process and also consult with you if either they or you recommend changes to the final design of your home.



When construction first commences, the ground is prepared and foundations are laid for the works. During this early construction phase, some unforeseen costs can arise when it comes to manipulating the land. By taking into consideration any sloping or terrain requirements, your builder can factor these expenses into your overall budget to ensure that you aren’t presented with any unexpected costs.

A good home builder will assign a project manager to oversee the build of your new home. Your project manager will be your primary contact, responsible for keeping all other contractors and trades in line and to manage your entire build. Throughout the construction of your home, stay in frequent communication with your project manager to ensure build milestones are reached.

The construction process can be impacted by a wide range of external factors that result in extra costs. From bad weather to unforeseen issues, it’s common for builds to run into some hurdles along the way. In order to stay within budget, factor in some contingency to cover any unexpected circumstances that could arise during your build.



Once your home is complete, you shouldn’t need to worry about things breaking or becoming damaged early on. If you’re having to repair or replace a variety of parts and features, you’re quickly going to add thousands to your overall home cost in labour and materials. Plus, you may find yourself having to relocate or compromise your lifestyle due to unexpected works.

A good home builder will provide you with a variety of quality warranties that protect you against having to bear the expense of damage, breakages or faults out of your control. Generally, the warranty period of your home begins once keys are handed over and generally lasts for 12 months. You’ll be presented with a thorough information pack that details the warranties for different features of your home.


Leading Home Builders in Perth

With so many variables and unknowns, the home building experience can seem intimidating for even seasoned homeowners. At JFK Custom Homes, we help to simplify the process.

As experienced home builders in Perth, JFK Custom Homes is led by industry professional John Kelly. From career beginnings in 1988 through to pioneering a team of industry leading builders, John has built a name for himself and for JFK Custom Homes through hard work and quality results that speak for themselves.

Leading a boutique team of home builders in Perth, John and JFK Custom Homes craft innovative homes according to the budget and timeframe requirements of each client. Making the build process enjoyable and stress-free, the JFK Custom Homes team helps you get into your dream home sooner.

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