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Designing a new home doesn’t end with a final floorplan for your rooms.

You need to decide where to put your fixtures and fittings as well, from built in wardrobes, baths, showers and of course, all your kitchen cupboards and appliances.

Here are our top tips on how to design a functional kitchen in your new home.


How To Design A Functional Kitchen In Your New Home


Think About What Works For You

The key thing to remember when it comes to designing a functional kitchen is that you need to design a kitchen layout that works for you.

Don’t go with the latest trends, what looks good in someone else’s home or that edgy layout you once saw in a display home.

Think about how you cook, who spends time in the kitchen and what would be most practical for your family.


The Kitchen Work Triangle Vs Workstations

There are two main styles of kitchen designs that are often seen in new homes.

First, the workstation style – this is where you create zones for different types of activities. You’d have a space for chopping, a space for cooking, a wet area for dishes and washing up, etc.

The other style is often called the kitchen work triangle. This describes the shape that’s created by your main appliances – the fridge, the sink, and the cooktop and oven. The triangle shouldn’t have any side shorter than 1.2m or longer than 2.7m, and the total of all sides shouldn’t be more than 7.9m.

Consider what will work best for your family and design a functional kitchen around your chosen kitchen design for your new home.


Good Lighting

The kitchen is one room where good lighting is absolutely crucial.

Think about where you need to place lights and what kind of lighting would work well in your space.

This will depend on the size and shape of your kitchen, as well as if you have any particular zones that need adding or different lighting (e.g. a breakfast bar or walk-in pantry).


Plenty Of Benchtop Space

If there’s one thing you can never have too much of in a kitchen it’s benchtop space.

Ensure you have plenty of room for your small appliances to be out all the time as well as space to prepare and serve food.

Your kettle, toaster, and microwave are the main essentials in most homes, but don’t forget anything else you might use regularly like a Thermomix, blender or that other key essential – the coffee machine!


Enough Storage

With clever design, you can create a functional kitchen that has all the storage your heart desires.

Drawers are often favoured over cupboards as the contents are then easier to access and put away.

Look for sneaky storage options like hidden cutlery trays, sliding pantry shelves and corner drawers to make the best use of corners in your kitchen.


Lots Of Power

How many times have you struggled to find a free powerpoint in your kitchen?

When designing your new kitchen, add extra power points in strategic places. You can even get plug sockets that include USB sockets which are super handy for charging devices like smart watches, phones, and tablets.

If you want to hide extra power points, consider adding a pop-up power tower which can be inbuilt into your benchtop and only revealed when needed.


A Place For Everything 

The best thing about designing your own kitchen is you can create a place for everything you need.

Consider how you use your kitchen and what appliances get used the most, then make sure they have the space that they need.

The last thing you want is to move in and find your kettle doesn’t quite reach the nearest plug or the pantry isn’t big enough for your needs.


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