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When summer comes around, the first place we think about spending time is outdoors. But for many homes, the alfresco area is an afterthought when it comes to new build homes. We’re going to share our key tips on how to create the perfect alfresco area, so when you build your luxury home in Perth, you’ve got the interior and the exterior in mind.

Allocate Functions To Areas

No matter what size alfresco area you have, there are ways to create multiple areas that can be used in different ways.

Even with a small backyard, you could have a dedicated space for dining and a cosy nook with a bench or a small table with chairs that would be ideal for your morning coffee in the sunshine.

With a larger alfresco, think about creating an outdoor lounge space, dining area and even a bar or outdoor kitchen space.

Whatever the space, define different areas for specific uses – this way you’re more likely to spend time using them for their intended purpose.

Keep It Green

Don’t forget to add some greenery to your alfresco. If you’ve got a paved area or a deck, it can be quite stark and start to look less like the outdoors.

A few pots of different sizes with plenty of greenery can help to break up the starkness of your pavers or wooden decking.

If you’re short on space a vertical garden is a great way to add some natural greenery to your alfresco.

Invest In Durable Furniture

Outdoor furniture is going to take a beating from the weather. In Western Australia, our summers can be harsh and our winters wet, wild and windy.

Make sure the furniture you choose is designed and treated for outdoor conditions all year round. As well as that, invest in furniture covers that will protect your furniture from the sun and the rain.

Accessorise Well

Your alfresco area is an extension of your home, so remember to accessorise it as one too.

Think about adding outdoor rugs and cushions to accessorise your seating space. For your dining area, add a table runner and a focal centrepiece that you could change for the seasons.

Lighting is also important. While you won’t need any during those sunny summer days, adding string lights can add another dimension to your space and make it somewhere you are happy to while away a few hours in the evenings too.

Stay Shaded

Shade is an essential element for any alfresco area.

Look at what natural shade you have from any existing trees and shrubs. Take note of how your home and fencing will cast shade in your backyard, and plan around it.

Adding a patio structure is one of the simplest ways to create shade, but you could also look at outdoor blinds, awnings, and freestanding patio umbrellas to add shade right where you need it.

Access To The Kitchen

Think about how you’ll access the kitchen from your alfresco. You’re probably going to want to connect the two spaces as easily as you can to make dining and cooking effortless. Can you open up your kitchen directly to the alfresco?

Adding French doors or a bifold window are simple ways to link these two spaces seamlessly.

Privacy Is Key

Factor in privacy when designing the perfect alfresco area. You are less likely to want to spend time outdoors if you’re going to be overlooked or on show to your neighbours.

Clever use of plants, trellises, fencing and outdoor blinds can create the privacy your alfresco needs.

Keep Things Flowing

Your alfresco area should feel like an extension of your home. When designing your alfresco, think about what elements from your interior design you can bring into the outdoors to create that flowing feeling throughout the home.

It could be the style of furniture or simply colours and accessories that complement your existing features indoors.

Think About All Year Round Use

When you’re creating your alfresco area, don’t just think about how you will use the space in the peak summer months.

A truly perfect alfresco area is one that can be used all year round, not just for your Christmas day BBQ.

Consider adding a space for a fireplace, fire pit or wood-fired pizza oven. These elements add a feeling of cosiness that draw you to spend time outdoors during the cooler months of the year.

You could also add screens, panels or folding doors that can enclose the alfresco area during winter to effectively create an outdoor room that’s perfectly usable even on colder days.

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