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You’ve got kids, you’ve got toys, you have dogs and loads of noise, so how do you build a house to contain the chaos and keep everyone happy? Careful planning – that’s how. Here are some essential tips you’ll be happy to know…


Choose the right neighbourhood

To start things on the right foot, let’s make sure you move into the right area. Of course, we all have to choose where we can afford to live, but when you can choose, look for up-and-coming areas that with modes of family convenience, such as public transport, schools, swimming pools, community centres, playgrounds and recreational areas. It’s also nice to know that there are other young families nearby that you can mix with, too.

Keep it classic

Classic needn’t mean boring. Classic means good, timeless design – essentially creating a house that you won’t get sick of, one with ‘good bones’. Keep the design and furnishings understated and neutral, as there will be enough colour and drama created by your crazy crew

There’s no need to go overboard with fancy design features or trendy light fittings, either. These type of fittings date and you’re better off spending your hard-earned dollars investing in simple, classic fittings that will stand the test of time.

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Keep it functional

Good, practical workstations are a must, whether they are kitchens, laundries, bathrooms or study areas. Make sure your kitchen is easy to work in, with loads of storage space, good cabinetry and quality fittings.

In past generations, the laundry was a sad, squalid little room pushed into the corner of the family home with basic plumbing and barely a spot to turn around in. But nowadays, we’ve become more sensible! A lot can be done in the laundry, so design it well. Ensure that your laundry is well lit and spacious, with room for cupboards, washing baskets, hooks to hang coats or clothing, and possibly ironing or folding areas. If you’re a pet lover, the laundry is also a great place to keep pet beds, kitty litter, toys, bedding and maybe even a cat door.

Busy families need escape areas: areas for mum and dad to hide, kids to play and pets to sleep. Then, you need communal areas such as dining, living and TV areas where you can all come together. A separate room for the little ones will double up in later years as a teens’ hang-out or possibly convert into a guest room.

Enjoy alfresco living

Most new homes incorporate alfresco living for a good reason. You can cook and eat outside, avoiding the smells and mess while enjoying the fresh air and garden surrounds. Alfresco areas also make fantastically sensible use of your block space, too. Why have masses of grass when you can have a beautiful, functional dining room? And, if you’re entertaining, you can create a valuable divide between the rest of the clan. Think: grown-ups having dinner without the kids in earshot, or raucous young kids having a sugar-fuelled party outdoors – away from the rest of the clan, simply by closing the glass dividing doors in your indoor-outdoor space.

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Serviceable kitchen

Walk-in pantries, clever storage areas and kitchen island benches with seating are all popular additions for busy family homes. Think about paying close attention to the positioning of the fridge and the fridge door, so that kids can easily service themselves without cluttering up the main area of the kitchen. Some are opting for a second bar fridge for adult drinks or if cooking is your thing, consider a second oven.

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Adequate study areas

Study areas won’t be going out of vogue anytime soon. You don’t need an entire room to accommodate a computer, though, just a quiet area that may be in an existing bedroom or lounge, a hallway or under a stairwell. Study areas are likely to be used by all members of the family. The young ones may require areas closer to the kitchen or living area so a parent can keep a close eye on them, while teens will require something far quieter. And, with the workforce becoming more remote, many more adults will be working from home, so plan accordingly.


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