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When you’re building a luxury home, there are countless ways you can make sure it really feels like a luxury home once it’s complete.

Our luxury builders in Perth have put together a list of the 7 essential elements we believe every luxury home needs.


Natural Lighting & High Ceilings

Homes these days are all about natural lighting and open spaces.

Create that luxury feel by incorporating high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows and doors to create a bright and airy feel to your home.

Think about your block orientation when it comes to making the most of the natural lighting you have available, as this can make all the difference.


Contemporary Flooring & Accent Rugs

Choose contemporary flooring options that create an opulent vibe to your home.

Hardwood flooring, travertine tiles and marble flooring are all options that suit a luxury home.

Adding some accent rugs help to soften the look of your flooring and create specific zones especially in open plan designs.


Custom Designed Dressing Room

Everyone has a walk-in robe these days, so take it one step further and design your own dressing room for your master suite.

Depending on your needs you can include specific elements like shoe and bag shelving, a comfortable seating area and compartments for watches and jewellery.


Chef’s Kitchen & Butler’s Pantry

Take your kitchen to the next level and create a chef’s kitchen that’s perfect not just for cooking, but for entertaining as well.

The world is your oyster when it comes to kitchen design and appliances, but some things to consider include commercial-grade appliances and surfaces, an in-built coffee machine, a separate wine fridge, and an instant hot water tap.

Create even more space by adding a butler’s pantry to store your goods, prepare food and hide the mess when you’re entertaining.


Hidden Technology

No luxury home is complete with integrated technology and these days it’s so easy to hide your tech additions.

Automated lighting and air conditioning are two areas to consider where you can control the lighting and climate in your home from the tap of an app.

Add speakers in your home that are voice-activated to play your requests on demand. Install remote control indoor and outdoor blinds that open and close at the click of a button.

The possibilities when it comes to automated home tech really are endless.


Outdoor Entertainment Area

Luxury homes aren’t just about what’s on the inside. Entertain your family and friends outdoors by creating the perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Fully equipped outdoor kitchens, plunge pools, outdoor cinema screens, mood lighting, and vaulted patio ceilings will all help to create an extravagant ambiance.


Custom Spaces

No luxury home is complete without a room (or rooms) that reflect your own personal interests and passions.

Think about what you love the most and design a room to meet that need. It could be anything from a climate-controlled wine cellar or library to a high-tech home gym or cinema-style theatre room.

The world’s your oyster when you’re designing a luxury home.


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