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We know that building your dream home is a big deal. You’ve spent months, maybe even years, getting your new home design just right, and you need to know that it’s going to look as good in real life as it does on paper.

That’s why our luxury builders at JFK Custom Homes create virtual reality 3D walkthroughs of your home.


What Is A 3D Walkthrough?

Our 3D walkthroughs bring your house plans to life.

Imagine being able to see your home on a screen, and move through it as if you were walking around inside it already.

Using a computer, we create not only the floor plans for your new home build, but we create a virtual reality walkthrough which includes all your fixtures and fittings, like kitchen units and appliances, baths, showers, laundry cupboards, fireplaces, and whatever else you’ve included in your house plans.


The Benefits Of 3D Walkthroughs

There are a whole host of benefits to creating a 3D walkthrough of your new build home. Here are just a few of them.


Get A Feel For Your Home’s Dimensions

It’s hard to imagine just how big or small a space will feel when you’re looking at little shapes on a piece of paper.

Using 3D house plans gives you a chance to experience the size of your rooms and spaces virtually.


See Your Finishes In Real Life

If you’ve chosen things like kitchen units, handles, countertops and flooring, you might not be able to imagine how they’re all going to come together.

Having 3D house plans allows you to see exactly what they’ll look like in real life, and can help you decide if those are the finishes you really want.


See How Your Design and Layout Works Practically

Being able to virtually walk through your new home before its built means you can determine if your chosen layout is going to work for you and your family.

You might find that you decide to move some rooms or areas around to make the house flow better, or so that some areas are more accessible than previously designed.


Detect Potential Issues Before You Start Building

One of the major benefits of having a 3D walkthrough of your new home is that it can help you detect any potential issues BEFORE you start building.

If you decide to move walls, windows or even rooms around, it’s so much easier to do it at the planning stage rather than once the build has commenced.


Save Time & Money 

If you do want to make any changes to your house plans, the 3D walkthrough will save you time and money by identifying these changes before you start building.

Once building is underway, it will be expensive to start making changes to your design. Not only that but it could potentially cause delays in the completion of your new home build as well. 


Start Designing Your Home With 3D House Plans Now 

Are you planning to build a new luxury home in Perth?

Talk to our luxury builders in Perth today about creating 3D house plans for your new build.

We’re passionate about making your dream home a reality, and what better way to start than to see your home in 3D before the foundations are even laid?

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