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When you’re building a new custom home in Perth, you’ll might be thinking about making it as eco-friendly as possible.

One of the best ways you can make your home energy efficient is by installing double glazing for your windows and doors.

There are many benefits to installing double glazing in your home – let’s take a look at some of them now.


A Warmer Home

Most people know that double glazing helps to keep your home warmer in the cooler months.

Double glazing is standard in many European countries due to their harsh winter climates, but it’s less common when it comes to homes in Australia.

Keeping your home warm in winter doesn’t mean cranking up your gas heater or reverse cycle air conditioning (both of which will significantly increase your power bills). Double glazing can keep your home warmer for during winter without having to resort to costly gas or electricity.


A Cooler Home

Not only does double glazing keep your home warmer in winter, but it also keeps it cooler in summer.

With better seals and thicker glass, your home won’t heat up as quickly on those baking summer days.

That means you won’t need to reach for your air con remote as quickly and can enjoy a more temperate climate inside your home even when it’s a hot day outside.


Lower Energy Bills

When you aren’t resorting to costly gas heating or air conditioning, it can only mean one thing – lower energy bills.

And who doesn’t want to reduce their gas and electricity costs?


Noise Reduction

Because of the thicker glass and frames used for double glazed windows and doors, you’ll also notice a difference in the noise levels.

Double glazing helps to reduce the amount of noise that enters the home from outside, so if you’re a light sleeper or have noisy neighbours, double glazing is something to consider!



Because double glazed windows and doors are made from two sheets of glass instead of one, they’re a lot tougher and harder to break.

That means better security for your home and your family.


Reduced Condensation

Condensation on windows during the cold winter months is so frustrating. If not attended to, it can end up developing into mould, and that’s the last thing you want in your home.

Double glazing reduces the amount of condensation on your windows and therefore also reduces the risk of mildew, mould, and the costly repairs that could come along with that.


Increased Property Values 

With all the benefits of double glazing, it’s something that a lot of buyers see as a desirable feature when they’re looking for a new home.

So incorporating double glazing in your home can help to drive up your property value too. 


As luxury builders in Perth, we partner with many trusted contractors and suppliers to deliver the best quality new build homes we can. One of our suppliers is Arco Double Glazing, who specialise in double glazed windows and doors.

To find out more about the benefits of double glazing from Arco Double Glazing, visit their website at Arco Double Glazing now.