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Innovative Australian Farmhouse Designs with Perth’s Premier Builders

Craft an idyllic, spacious, functional and calming sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy; a farmhouse. At JFK Custom Homes, we specialise in bringing your farmhouse concepts and ideas to life.

As experts in Australian farmhouse designs, our Perth design and construction team leads you through the process of creating a design and executing a build from start to finish. Follow our guide to create the perfect home design for you and your family.


Home Location

Modern farmhouses come in many shapes and sizes. Confined by the size and location of land available, your farmhouse needs to blend harmoniously with your environment. From long, windy and grand driveways to farmhouses situated conveniently alongside roads, consider what’s important in terms of functionality and appearance.


Work Area

Depending on the size of your land, you’ll have a certain amount of room to play with when it comes to your work area. Decide on what you need in terms of functionality for working on your homestead. From ample room for harvesting fruit and vegetables to space for building and woodworking, you’ll need an area that allows you to manoeuvre and work comfortably.


Location of Animals

If you’re planning on having animals, their location will greatly affect your productivity and how you use your home. Consider your lifestyle and comfort. For homesteaders who love being in amongst their animals, situating your animals nearer to your home won’t be a problem. If you’d like a little more space and separation, placing your animals further away from your home or on the edge of your land gives you some extra room.


Garden Location

When it comes to placing your garden, you need to pick a spot with well-drained and fertile soil. Sun exposure is also critical in growing and harvesting high quality fruits and vegetables. If you’re planning on using grey water or runoff, your garden needs to be placed downhill from your home.

Gardens can also be used as decorative landscaping elements that compliment your homestead – acting as a multipurpose feature on your land.


Additional Elements to Consider

Food Production and Handling Area

Perhaps one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of your homestead, you need a space for cooking with all of the ingredients that you’ve grown. When you’re preparing foods, vegetables and meat that you’ve farmed yourself, having all of the necessary tools, equipment and appliances is necessary.

Consider how much space you need for food production equipment like pasta makers, blenders, sausage grinders and anything else that you’ll use for cooking.



Key to maintaining a fresh, welcoming and comfortable homestead is strategic and effective ventilation. From kitchens and bathrooms through to storage spaces and work areas, quality ventilation results in a cleaner and more manageable farmhouse.

While your ventilation will be guided by your homestead design, it may cause you to tweak your design slightly for added efficiency and sustainability.


Shop and Hobby Area

A farmhouse shop or hobby area should be a well-equipped and organised space that features the equipment, tools and products you need for your business or hobby.

If you’re an avid artist, your hobby area may be filled with paints, canvases and different tools for creating art. If you work on mechanics or repairs for family and friends, you might need a larger space with more specified equipment and tools.

Your shop and hobby area is just as unique as you, so equip it with the elements you need for a productive homestead.


Business Area

If you’ll be selling goods or engaging in business from your farmhouse, a designated business area makes work much easier and straightforward. From occasional and seasonal work to regular operations and transactions, maximise productivity by designing a business area that suits your business needs.

Your business area can also hold your records and important documents for the successful and smooth running of your farmhouse.


Storage Area

When designing your farmhouse, think about your storage requirements. From storing equipment, firewood and animal feed to food and provisions for the household, your storage will be determined by how self-sufficient you want to be.

Many farmhouses find that they opt for more than just one storage solution. Garden sheds, pantries and storage spaces can all have different applications depending on your requirements.


Create the Perfect Homestead Design

If you’ve always dreamed of a more self-sufficient and rewarding lifestyle, farmhouse living is for you. At JFK Custom Homes, our professionals turn your farmhouse concepts and ideas into realistic and actionable plans.

From expansive farmhouses on acres of land to more compact homes closer to the city, we craft unique, functional and inspiring Australian farmhouse designs. Taking into consideration your land and budget requirements, alongside what you’d love to see in your farmhouse, we work with you to create a design that meets your needs.

Contact our team on (08) 9355 1788 to get started on crafting your very own farmhouse.