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With a bit of clever thinking and planning, custom building your dream home can be a fantastic experience – with the positives far outweighing any negatives. Just take plenty of time to think, talk and read everything through – and listen to those in the know. To get this process started, here are eight vital issues you’ll be glad to know of before you start building your new home!

Financial or  loan oversights

Make sure you’ve budgeted adequately for your home. We all want to tighten the belt and tell ourselves our dream home won’t cost much, but being practical about your budget will help avoid sleepless nights down the track. And remember that it won’t just be your house that you have to pay back, there will be council rates, insurance, moving costs, stamp duty and transfer fees. Allow for more than you expect. That way, anything you save will be a bonus!

When it comes to your home loan, shop around and make sure you’ve thought through all the issues such as fixed or variable rates, redraw facilities, length of your loan and so on.

Misunderstanding builders’ quotes

First up, remember you can’t compare apples to oranges. One builder may seem more expensive than the other, but check inclusions. Make sure you can recognise the difference between inclusions and extras and if it all seems like too much hard work, get others to help you with this process. Life is an education and building your home is very much part of that education!

Forgetting about ceiling height

If you’ve never lived in a house with high ceilings, you may not know what you’re missing out on! Far cooler in summer (which can’t be overestimated in Aussie living conditions), they also give a wonderful illusion of space. You’ll find that most builders are keen to push this, and for a good reason! High ceilings may cost a few dollars more, but it’s thoroughly recommended for the long-term.

Floorplan oversights

Sometimes, even the littlest things in your home design can have you kicking herself for years. Take a close look at where the electrical socket and light switches are placed. Carefully study the bathroom layout and look at the way doors and cupboard doors open. Are private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms private? And are noisy areas such as the laundry going to drive you nuts? Think it through, talk to others and check in with your builder.

Not remembering your pets

Our fur-kids play an increasingly important role in our lives; so it’s worth the effort to ensure your house can comfortably accommodate them. And, of course,

if you’re not into pets, think ahead – if you want to sell, your new owners might be! Depending on how much of an animal lover you are, you can take this issue as far as you want. Examples of pet friendly inclusions are a secure, stressfree area for sleeping, pet door from the laundry or rear room to the garden, manageable stairs, skid-free flooring, shower or wash-down  area near the back door (either in or outside the house), fully fenced yard, play areas such as a sandpit or grassy patch, and easily accessible storage for pet items (think lead, food, grooming/wash items, towels, medications, kitty litter) near the front or back door.

Forgetting the importance of storage

Do not underestimate storage! As the head of housekeeping in any family will tell you, storage is the one thing that will make or break a house. Good storage keeps the house looking clean and tidy, and keeps stress levels low by knowing where you can put your hands on almost anything. Think walk-in robes and clever storage spaces to de-clutter, such as under beds, seating and stairways. Where possible, include floor-to-ceiling solutions which have a far more polished effect than itty-bitty storage pieces here and there.

Not thinking ahead

What might change in your life? Obviously, babies and a growing family are often a consideration. What about changes in work? Is there any chance that at least one of you will join the increasingly large demographic of those working from home? Think about extra study areas and private living spaces. If you have kids, will there be suitable areas such as a granny flat to accommodate teens or twentysomething uni students? This area could be used again for ageing parents – or leased out to recoup the final expenses of your mortgage.

Not considering re-sell value

We want to make a custom dream home unique; after all, that’s what a custom home is all about. But, we never know what lies ahead, and even if your house seems perfect, there may come a time to move. If you’re not sure your idea of a dream home will appeal to others, avoid crazy, gaudy colours, and anything too weird, cute or eccentric. Include features that are well-known hot favourites: passive design, indoor/outdoor flow, space for growing families, ensuite bathrooms, alfresco features for dining and cooking, a secure, attractively fenced garden, and outdoor shower, built-in storage and of course, a great kitchen and bathroom.

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